1 Down, 65 To Go…

The first week of SBS is over, and we have completed our study on Philemon (an amazing book with a fantastic message, all packed into about one page of the Bible)! The focus of the week has been learning the Inductive Bible Study Method, and how we are going to be using that method to observe, interpret, and apply the Bible to our lives and the world around us.

Many people have asked me to keep them “updated” as to what I (Helen) learn as I study the Bible. Although I’m not going to copy and paste my assignments into this blog (that would make for some very long reading!), I will try to communicate the “main idea” of each book and describe the “timeless truths” which have most impacted me as I study God’s Word. I’ll probably do this about three books at a time, after I have had my work marked, so you should be hearing about Philemon, Titus, and Ephesians in the next couple of weeks. Want to read the Bible with me? (Don’t worry, I won’t give you homework!) Read Philemon, Titus and Ephesians over the next week – it should only take you a little over half an hour to read all three books (according to my “Inductive Method Handbook”).

In addition to learning how to study the Bible and looking at Philemon, this week has been a great time of getting to know fellow students, setting up our awesome room, and appreciating the beauty of Montana. I had the opportunity to go on a hike in Glacier National Park yesterday, and I can definitely tell you that God has blessed us with this season of living in such a beautiful place! We are relishing the warm weather before the snow falls (and while the study-load is light); taking a full week to study a one-page book is a way of easing students into the School of Biblical Studies…by the end of October we’ll be taking a week to go through Acts (which is over 35 pages)!

The adventure begins…1 book down, 65 to go!

Avalanche Lake - Glacier National Park

Avalanche Lake - Glacier National Park


3 thoughts on “1 Down, 65 To Go…

  1. Here are my top 10 reasons why I am so excited for your “updates”:
    1. It’s such a beautiful way to bless the people who are praying for you, following and supporting you.
    2. People praying for you can now ask God to speak through you, to them. I know I will be asking God to teach me through you.
    3. It will help you to retain what you are learnng by teaching it right away.
    4. It’s going to open our eyes to see that the Bible isn’t a boring book and that it does still apply to life in 2011.
    5. When I was in your DTS class I recognized your communication gift (remember you were the note taker for the class). God is now going to use this gift to minister to others. (I believe it will be to people that you may never even know)
    6. You have a fun, easy to understand, humble approach to your writing style.
    7. When God gives a gift to us it’s not mean’t to be hoarded but to be shared for the common good of the church. (thanks to Jer Littles’ teaching) http://www.allistoncf.com/?page_id=134
    8. I can’t wait to learn about the culture of the day to whom God was writing to. It should shed light on things we interpeted incorrectedly just because we didn’t know the culture at the time of the writing.
    9. You are going to love the feeling you get by turning people on to the Word and deepening peoples’ relationships with God.
    10. Most importantly because we (Mike, Sharon, Maelyn and Cocoa) are so proud of you ❤

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